Roasting – Air & Oil

We have huge capacity here for roasting across our 4 industrial roasters.

With 3 Air Roasters and 1 Oil Roaster, this gives approx. 10mt of roasting per hour.

Seasoning – Adding Flavours to Nuts

We have 2 flavour application machines to add seasoning to Peanuts and / or Tree Nuts.

We can either offer traditional dry roasted flavours or we can work with you on a design brief / theme to create bespoke flavours.

Chopping/Nibbing/Slicing – Size Reduction of Nuts

The Roasting Company has state-of-the-art chopping facilities dedicated to the size reduction of Peanuts or Tree Nuts.

We can work to various specifications or advise on what chop would suit you best for your application, be it, Cereal Bars, Home Baking, Protein Balls, Bites…