Who We Are

The Roasting Company is the largest family-owned processor of Peanuts and Tree nuts in the UK, processing circa 27,000mt per year from our state-of-the-art BRC AA rated factory in Heckington Lincolnshire.


Our customer base has rapidly grown since our launch back in 2005, we supply Peanuts and Tree Nuts into various sectors of the food industry including, Global & Domestic Cereal Manufacturers, Global & Domestic Confectioners, Multiple Retail Supermarkets, Peanut & Nut Butter Manufacturers, Cereal Bar Manufacturers, Ice Cream Manufacturers, Ready Meal Manufacturers, Independents & Wholesalers.


We purely focus on the processing in bulk, of Peanuts and Tree Nuts for ingredient or ready-to-eat snack customers. This guarantees our clients the very best quality nut products, freshly roasted here in the UK. We can offer these chopped / sliced, seasoned or roasted to perfection.


Our History

Our history in processing nuts goes back to 1983, when the Chairman of The Roasting Company first launched a business called Readifoods Ltd to manufacture, mix and blend peanut and tree nut products for the UK’s Largest Supermarket Retailers. Over the years we have built a huge wealth of knowledge / experience in Peanut and Tree Nut Procurement and Processing, which enables us to be your trusted experts in this field.


Our specialist team are constantly working hard to guarantee we are delivering consistent, safe, top quality, processed Peanuts and Tree Nuts each and every time to our customers. Great care goes into every step of the process, from procurement through to delivery.

The UK’s No. 1 partner for expertly roasted & processed nuts.


The Roasting Company have built strong relationships with trusted suppliers all around the globe. Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua, USA, Vietnam and China to name a few. We control the complete supply chain, direct origin sourcing, shipping and then delivery to our factory. This model drives efficiencies in cost and ensures top quality nuts are consistently delivered on time. Also, it enables us to pass these cost savings onto our customers.

Roasting Specialist’s for Peanuts & Tree Nuts.


We’ve set ambitious targets to reduce our environmental impact in the use of energy and water. We are also working hard to reduce the volume of waste we produce, operating a Zero Waste to Landfill policy for our factory.

Lowering our Impact on the Environment.